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iSAQB® CPSA Advanced Funktional Software Architecture (FUNAR)

Course Description


This accredited iSAQB training course presents functional software architecture as an alternative to object-oriented (OO) architecture to the course participants. Compared to OO architecture, functional software architecture relies on immutable data, algebraic abstractions and embedded domain-specific languages. The results are flexible and robust architectures that are less complex and have less hidden dependencies compared to OO.

Because of the increased expressiveness and abstraction possibilities in functional languages, architecture is code. The training includes hands-on exercises and an introduction to Haskell.

Previous knowledge in functional programming is helpful but not necessary. Those who are not familiar with programming with functional languages or would like to enjoy a short refresher course should attend the one-day optional preliminary course.

The course is part of the Advanced Level of the iSAQB certification for software architects (CPSA-A) and implements the corresponding iSAQB “FUNAR” curriculum.

Course content

This accredited training is based on the current ISAQB® syllabus for the iSAQB module FUNAR.

Preliminary Course Content (1 day)

The preliminary course is a compact introduction to functional programming for participants who have no experience in this area or who would like a refresher course. The preliminary course includes hands-on programming exercises. The preliminary course uses the proven didactic methodology of the “DeinProgramm” construction manuals (https://www.deinprogramm.de).

  • Data modeling, Design instructions, Self-references and recursion, Programming with consequences, Higher order programming, Built-in data structures, Programming with state, Programming with accumulators, Property-based testing

Primary Course Content (3 days)

Day 1

Structure of functional software systems

  • Functions and values, Composition, Types, Modules

Technologies for functional programming

  • Static types, Dynamic types, Final recursion, Strict or non-strict evaluation, Runtime environment

Day 2

Implementation of functional requirements

  • DDD vs FP, Combiner models, Embedded domain-specific languages

Implementation of non-functional requirements

  • CQRS, Event sourcing, Parallelization, Distribution

Day 3

Architecture Patterns

  • Functional data structure, Monoid, Functor, Monad, Model View Update

Practical examples

Benefits of taking the course with Albion Academy

  • The trainer is a highly experienced software architect: The course is led by an experienced and iSAQB-certified instructor and is an expert in software architecture and functional programming.
  • Training is based on real-world experience: The theoretical content is supplemented by the trainer’s practical experience to ensure course participants not only understand the relevant methods, but also the real-world challenges of their implementation.
  • Interactive, practice-based training: Albion Academy participants experience an interactive training course with practice-based exercises and case studies that reinforce the methods they have learned.
  • Registration includes 2 free coaching sessions: Course participants receive two coaching sessions free of charge (value of 300€) to support their ability to successfully implement newly learned methods and approaches in their current business projects. The two coaching sessions must be completed within three months after the training course.

Target Audience

This course is aimed at software developers and architects


Experience in software development with focus on functional programming is recommended.



This training course is part of the Advanced Level Program of iSAQB. By attending this training course, you will receive 10 credit points in the “Methodology” competency area and 20 credit points in the “Technical” competency area, which can be credited towards obtaining a Certified Professional Software Architect (CPSA) certificate.

All course participants receive a certificate of successful completion of the course as proof of the qualifications achieved.


Two coaching units are included in the price for Albion courses (worth € 300). * Additional coaching sessions can be booked for the standard hourly rate.


Lunch and drinks, or the equivalent vouchers, will be provided for on-location classes.

Not included

Reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs.


course info

3-4 days


20 technical and 10 methodological credit points for an iSAQB CPSA certificate

Value of € 300 included*

  Meal voucher

Three-day seminar: 1,950 euros (2,321.00 Euros incl.VAT)
Four-day seminar: 2,450 euros (2,916.00 euros incl.VAT)
10% early bird discount *

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Course Dates

Guaranteed dates
1.950 EUR
03.11.20203Live Online1.950 EUR
Guaranteed dates
2.450 EUR
02.11.20204Live Online2.450 EUR

* All prices are exclusive of VAT.

The early booking discount of 10% applies to the first four registrations at least six weeks before the course starts.

The certification guarantee and coaching sessions are included in the price.

The certification guarantee, the coaching sessions, and the early bird discount apply only to courses offered directly by Albion (no partner companies).

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