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iSAQB® CPSA Advanced Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM)

Course Description


Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) brings transparency to the IT landscape and creates the basis for a successful IT strategy.

EAM translates the business strategy into a concrete target operating model and implementation plan and creates transparency about the interrelationships, costs, benefits, and risks of the essential parts of the enterprise’s target operating model. With this information, managers are able to make effective decisions and plan and implement major transformation initiatives.

The development of an entire IT landscape differs significantly from the development of a single IT system and many architects find it difficult to transition from software architecture to enterprise architecture. This seminar provides an overview of Enterprise IT Architecture Management (IT-EAM), including what it is, what are its benefits, and how it can be successfully implemented.

The seminar has a workshop character with time for discussions between the participants regarding their specific needs.

Course Content

This accredited iSAQB® Certified Professional for Software Architecture Advanced Level – Enterprise Architecture Management (CPSA-Advanced EAM) training is based on the current ISAQB® curriculum.

After completing this training course, participants will have attained the following knowledge:

  • Distinction between EAM and (IT) EAM.
  • Interaction between EAM and other strategic management tasks (e.g. corporate planning, portfolio management etc.)
  • Tasks, goals, and benefits of EAM
  • Implementation approaches of EAM
  • Enterprise architecture frameworks
  • Purpose and delimitation of the business, application, data, and technology architecture
  • Strategic application planning: current, transition, and target IT architectures
  • Evaluation of an application portfolio
  • Definition and use of business capabilities
  • IT governance and compliance
  • Typical EAM visualizations

Benefits of taking the course with Albion Academy

  • The trainer is a highly experienced software architect: The trainer, Albion Academy founder Roger Rhoades, is an active member of the International Software Architecture Qualification Board (iSAQB). Together with his colleagues, he defines and evolves the iSAQB foundation and advanced curricula, exam questions, case studies, and glossary.
  • Training is based on real-world experience: The theoretical content is supplemented by the trainer’s practical experience to ensure course participants not only understand the relevant methods, but also the real-world challenges of their implementation.
  • Interactive, practice-based training: Albion Academy participants experience an interactive training course with practice-based exercises and case studies that reinforce the methods they have learned.
  • Registration includes 2 free coaching sessions: Course participants receive two coaching sessions free of charge (value of 300€) to support their ability to successfully implement newly learned methods and approaches in their current business projects. The two coaching sessions must be completed within three months after the training course.

Target audience

This course is aimed at software, solution, and enterprise architects as well as IT managers.


Experience developing large and / or multiple IT systems is advantageous.



This seminar is part of the iSAQB® advanced level program. By attending this training, you will receive 30 methodological competence credit points that can be used to earn an iSAQB® Certified Professional Software Architect (CPSA) certificate.

All course participants receive a certificate of successful completion of the course as proof of the qualifications achieved.


Two coaching units are included in the price for Albion courses (worth € 300). * Additional coaching sessions can be booked for the standard hourly rate.


Lunch and drinks, or the equivalent vouchers, will be provided for on-location classes.

Not included

Reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs.


Course Information

3 Days


30 Credit Points for an iSAQB CPSA Certificate

300€ value included*

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1.950 Euro, 10% Early Bird Discount*
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Course Dates

01.09.20204Frankfurt1.950 EUR

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