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iSAQB Licensed Training


iSAQB Foundation Exam Success Rate

Over 96% of all course participants have passed the iSAQB Foundation Software Architecture certification exam after attending the iSAQB accredited course conducted by Albion trainers

iSAQB Certified Professional Software Architect (CPSA)

The role of the software architect is becoming increasingly more important as systems become more complex.  The iSAQB® Certified Professional for Software Architecture (CPSA) program is a globally recognized, standardized education and training program that enables software architects to perform their role successfully. There are now more than 17,000 software architects with CPSA certification.

At the certified foundation level, you have demonstrated that you are able to independently create and document the architecture of a system, as well as to assure and evaluate its quality.

Over 96% of all course participants pass the iSAQB Foundation certification exam after attending a Foundation course conducted by Albion trainers.

With the Advanced Level Certification for advanced software architects, you demonstrate that you not only have general knowledge of software architecture, but can also put the technical, methodological, and communication skills into practice.

Courses offered in English and German

iSAQB CPSA Foundation
iSAQB CPSA Advanced Domain-Driven Design (DDD)
iSAQB CPSA Advanced Functional Software Architecture (FUNAR)

The following courses are currently offered in German, but can be offered in English upon request.

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EAM Digital Transformation

Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM)

Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) translates the business strategy into a concrete target operating model and implementation plan.  EAM creates transparency about the interrelationships, costs, benefits, and risks of the essential parts of the enterprise’s target operating model. With this information, managers are able to make effective decisions and plan and implement major transformation initiatives.

The following courses are provided in English or German depending on the participants

iSAQB CPSA-Advanced EAM    EAM Overview   Successful Strategy Execution (EAM Advanced)

TOGAF Kursangebote

The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF)

TOGAF is the de facto standard for Enterprise Architecture Management and ensures cross-industry and uniform standards, methods, and communication for enterprise architects. The courses offer an introduction to the TOGAF core concepts and prepare participants for the TOGAF certifications.

The following course is provided in English or German depending on the participants

TOGAF Foundation

Legacy Modernisierung

Legacy Modernization and Application Portfolio Management

Approximately 70 percent of all mission-critical applications worldwide consist of mature and proven legacy applications. Despite the reliability of these applications, there are some risks, such as vendor dependency, shifting demographics, and the demand for greater agility. Effective Application Portfolio Management (APM) and specific strategies for modernizing legacy systems help you reduce costs and increase agility to stay competitive.

The following course is provided in English or German depending on the participants

Legacy Modernization (German description)