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Albion Academy stands for practice-oriented, sustainable learning

We believe that sustainable learning leads to long-term success. Our goal is to provide course participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully, sustainably, and confidently perform their duties, thereby achieving success for both themselves and their company.

Our focus on sustainable learning is based on our philosophy: Motivated and well-trained employees are the key to a company’s success.

Why is sustainable learning important?

  • Attendees gain a deep understanding of the material to fulfill the immediate need to pass the certification.
  • They are able to apply the learnings to their current projects.
  • They retain the information to enhance future projects.
  • Thanks to ongoing coaching, they receive support to successfully implement their newly learned skills on a long-term basis.

How Albion Academy achieves sustainable learning

Trainers have real-world experience

In every training course, theoretical content is supplemented by the trainer’s practical experience. This ensures course participants understand the relevant methods as well as the real-world implementation challenges.

Interactive trainings with a workshop character

Albion Academy participants experience an interactive, workshop-like environment that provides an exceptional learning foundation. Activities throughout each course include use of flipcharts, regular exchange between participants, group exercises, gamification, and sample test questions. (Attendees often express surprise – and relief – that few slides are shown during the class!)

Case studies based on real projects

In our experience, participants achieve a much greater depth of understanding when they apply what they’ve learned to a real-world case study. Practice-based exercises reinforce the methods they have learned. This ensures participants will retain the knowledge, which leads to sustainable success in current and future projects.

Long-term support through coaching with the trainer

Course participants support their ability to successfully implement newly learned methods and approaches in their current business projects. Participants receive two coaching sessions free of charge (value of 300€). Additional coaching sessions can be booked for the standard hourly rate.

Live online training courses

Albion Academy offers live online training courses in addition to our classroom-based training courses. The live online training courses offers several advantages:

  • Opportunity for participants to try out newly learned skills in their current projects and receive immediate feedback from the trainer.
  • For our online courses that occur over six weeks, additional retention is gained, because participants are learning over an extended period of time, so there are no “cram sessions”, especially when a certification test is involved.
  • If the group has specific needs, the trainer has the flexibility to address those needs as necessary.
  • The low time investment per week – just a few hours a week instead of a large block of time – enables course participants to continue working on their projects virtually uninterrupted.
  • No travel or hotel costs, and no time is lost due to travel.

Albion Trainer

Roger Rhoades

Roger Rhoades ist Gründer der Albion Academy und ein akkreditierter iSAQB-Trainer mit über 20 Jahren praktischer Erfahrung im Architekturmanagement. Er ist ein aktives Mitglied des iSAQB und entwickelt die iSAQB-Curricula und -Prüfungsfragen weiter.

Matthias Bohlen

Matthias Bohlen ist Coach und Trainer für Software-Architektur sowie erfahrener Software-Architekt, IT-Berater und Lean/Kanban-Experte. Matthias Bohlen besitzt die Fähigkeit, komplizierte Dinge einfach zu erklären und in kleinen Schritten umsetzbar zu machen.

Dr. Michael Sperber

Dr. Michael Sperber ist anerkannter Experte für funktionale Programmierung.  Er entwickelt Individualsoftware ausschließlich mit funktionaler Programmierung und wendet sie seit über 25 Jahren in Forschung und industrieller Entwicklung an.

Raphael Pigulla

Raphael Pigulla ist seit über 20 Jahren in den verschiedensten Bereichen der Webentwicklung tätig und hat eine Vielzahl an unterschiedlichen Projekten sowohl im Frontend als auch im Backend, bei Start-Ups und Großkonzernen als Architekt und Entwickler begleitet.

In-house & Custom Training Courses and Workshops

We are happy to provide offers for in-house and customer-specific training courses.