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Weiterbildung für IT-Experten

Training for IT Experts

Ensure your career path from Software Architect to Enterprise Architect

Weiterbildung für eine digitale Transformation

iSAQB Software Architecture - 96% Exam Success Rate

iSAQB accredited Software Architecture courses with a 96% success rate for the iSAQB-Foundation exam

Coaching included

Two individual coaching sessions are included in the course price to support you in putting what you’ve learned into practice.



iSAQB Foundation Exam Success Rate

Over 96% of all course participants have passed the iSAQB Foundation Software Architecture certification exam after attending the iSAQB accredited course conducted by Albion trainers

Coaching included

Two individual coaching sessions are included in the course price to support you in putting what you’ve learned into practice.

Certification Guarantee

If, after completing the Albion Academy training course, the participant does not pass the certification exam, he/she is entitled to repeat the course free of charge.


Benefits for participants

  • Industry-standard certifications
    • Recognized proof of qualifications and a recognition of expertise
  • Opportunities for advancement upon certification
    • Participants are in a better position for salary negotiations and advance their career
  • The ability to confidently perform current and future roles
    • Ability to design, simplify, and communicate complex IT systems
  • Support business strategies
    • The knowledge gained enables them to design systems that directly support business strategies and objectives
  • Strengthened communication skills
    • Colleagues speak the same language
    • Ability to interpret stakeholder needs and to adjust their communication correspondingly
  • Increased productivity and job satisfaction
    • Participants learn the latest trends, and this directly increases productivity and job satisfaction
  • Long-term support through coaching
    • Participants receive ongoing coaching, which supports their ability to successfully implement newly learned methods and approaches in their current business projects

Benefits for the company

  • Stay ahead of trends and the competition
    • Employees learn the latest technologies and methodologies
  • Recruit and retain great employees
    • Recruit great employees through an improved employer brand
    • Increase employee motivation and satisfaction
    • Reduce employee turnover and absenteeism
  • Improve communication, efficiency, and productivity
    • Improve communication between IT experts, subject matter experts, and managers
    • Accelerate implementation with enhanced team communication
    • Reduce costs through improved efficiency and productivity
  • Succeed in your architecture initiatives and digital transformation projects
    • Align the IT systems with the business strategy and objectives
    • Gain insights to support investment decisions and reduce costs and risks
    • Enable teams to start from the same industry-standard basis and move forward in the same direction (“pull on the same rope”)

Unsere Trainer

Roger Rhoades

Roger Rhoades is founder of Albion Academy and an accredited iSAQB trainer with over 20 years of practical experience in Architecture Management. He is an active member of the iSAQB, helping to define and evolve the iSAQB curricula and exam questions.

Matthias Bohlen

Matthias Bohlen is coach and trainer for software engineering as well as experienced software architect, IT consultant, and Lean/Kanban expert. He has a unique way of explaining complicated things simply.

Dr. Michael Sperber

Dr. Michael Sperber is a recognized expert in functional programming.  He develops custom software exclusively with functional programming and has been applying it in research and industrial development for more than 25 years.

In-house & Custom Training Courses and Workshops

We are happy to provide offers for in-house and customer-specific training courses.

Participant Feedback


„Great topic, well prepared, understandable, and applicable.“


„The trainer integrates a lot of prior knowledge and practical experience into the class.“


„The trainer is very competent and knowledgeable.“


„Simply and understandably communicated. Very instructive and informative.“